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Name: Remy Hadley

Species: Olia

Age: 17

Physical Sex: Female

Affinity: Fire

Affinity Level: Master

History: Born in Princeton, New Jersey, Remy has been looking after herself since she was very young, having been born to two, full-time working parents. They'd leave her money, and the small Olia would often be seen gallivanting through the town, lugging with her a basket full of goods nearly as big as herself.

Though all that changed seven years ago, when a plague hit, running rampant through the town and killing many before the Waters could come and help. In the wake of the plague, Remy lost her parents, both of them fading away while the small girl did everything she could for them and the town died around them.

Afterwards, Remy was on her own, holed up in her family home and living off the bit of money her parents had left behind, or doing odd jobs for the surviving townspeople in exchange for meals or whatever else she may need.

A few months passed like this, during which Remy discovered she could create sparks from her hands if she concentrated enough, and the young Olia grew excited with the knowledge that she'd eventually wield fire like she'd seen some of the townspeople do.

Summer brought a traveller to town, a Water, who completely awed Remy with the way he played to the crowd and told stories. The not yet eleven year old informed them of this, gushing at the Water as only a child can, that she wants to be "Just like you when I grow up". The Water had smiled, chuckled, and tousled her hair, and asked the young Olia if she wanted to learn. Remy accepted the offer on the spot, a decision that lead to the worst six years of her life, and one she would regret for the rest of her life.

She never knew his name, the Water said she didn't need to know that, sneeringly telling her that if she wanted to call them something, Master, or Sensei would do, then promptly encased Remy's head in a bubble of water. The Water called it research, a way of understanding these powers and how they work and manifest; Remy saw it for what is was, garden variety sadism.

When Remy turned sixteen, her Fire powers manifested, and the teen burned through the manacles that bound her, and the building around her as she fled from her captor, stepping outside for the first time in half a decade. Now, she's free, having fled south to less-severe climates in a stolen [albeit slightly charred] wagon and holed up somewhere remote as she leans to control her newfound Fire abilities.

Despite her freedom, the Water left it's mark on her, leaving the young Fire with a severe phobia of water.


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